Happy Valentine’s Day To Our Military Servicemen and Women

In what is shaping up to be a great gesture for the coming Valentine’s Day holiday, a local veteran from Wichita Kansas Roofing has teamed up with Valentine’s Web, an online service dedicated to the creation and distribution of Valentine’s Day cards, both physically and electronically.

Jeremy Timmons, a U.S. military veteran, as well as a 16 year roofing veteran with Wichita Kansas Roofing, was thinking about all of the men and women serving in the military today who will be without their loved ones this coming Valentine’s Day, and he decided to do something about it.

Contacting Sarah Mylani, the CEO of Valentine’s Web, he told her that he wanted to create and distribute Valentine’s Day cards not only to all active enlisted military from their family and loved ones, but from all of the military men and women to all of their loved ones as well.

The idea was a big one and required a lot of man hours, planning, and hard labor, but once all of the cards were designed, all the involved parties were contacted and brought on board, and distribution was in place, the plan was executed and hundreds of thousands of Valentine’s Day cards were dropped into post office mail boxes as well as sent electronically for those without physical mailing addresses.

This gesture certainly comes as a welcome surprise to everyone, military and family alike, who will be enjoying the holidays without their loved ones this Valentine’s Day.

News of this event quickly went viral and donations started pouring in to Valentine’s Web as well as to Wichita Kansas Roofing, aiming to assist in the efforts in some way.

Whether it was helping with designing the cards, distribution, monetary donations, etc., the support kept pouring in and everyone involved was more than happy to accept the extra help.

The packages put together by Valentine’s Web also included balloons, teddy bears, chocolates, assorted candies, and loved ones were even able to include personalized messages and photos for the recipients.

Although the military warriors must spend the coming holiday apart, the generosity from these companies, all stemming from one veteran’s idea, will make this holiday a little easier to cope with the separation, as well as put a smile on a lot of people’s faces.